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Hello Kupo,

I am so impressed by your layouts! Even your guestbook is just beautiful :blush: Can't wait to read through your Inuyasha Shrine once it is opened.

Greetings Christina
for Missing-nin.ORG
signed by Christina [] on September 8, 2021
OMG Kupooooo!! Your new layouts on your domain, your FL collective AND your guestbook are SUPERB! ^^ I LOOOOVE IT! Yay~~ :D
for Missing-nin.ORG
signed by Cerine [] on August 29, 2021
It's been a while since I've visited your domain, and the new layout is so pretty – all the colours all over the place make me so HAPPY! ^^

I finished Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday and today just happened to see your trade post layout, GOD TIER. And the fanlisting collective layout tooooooooooo!! Please keep creating things for a long time!! :kissu: (if u make a makoto shrine I WANT AN INVITE FOR THE OPENING CEREMONY)
for Missing-nin.ORG
signed by Lethe [] on July 11, 2021
Woot! New layouts!
for Missing-nin.ORG
signed by Nelson [] on June 23, 2021
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